Alex Bhathal for Batman

Standing up for what matters

About Alex

Alex Bhathal is a social worker, human rights advocate and environmentalist who lives in Preston with her two sons and her local GP partner. Alex has lived and worked in Batman for nearly 30 years and remains highly active in our local community.

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Our Community

Batman is one of Australia’s major hubs for creativity, small business, entrepreneurship and multiculturalism. With the right leadership, we are well placed to take advantage of the transition to a high skills, high tech clean economy.

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Standing up for what matters

As a social worker in Batman for the last 30 years, I’ve always put people first. I’m proud of the help I’ve been able to give, but I’ve also seen people let down too many times by Liberal and Labor governments. That’s why I want to represent you in Canberra.

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foleyAs an Aboriginal person who has lived in the electorate of Batman for almost 30 years I would encourage all people in Batman to vote for my good friend Alex Bhathal of the Greens.

Dr. Gary Foley

Professor of History, Victoria University

Julian BurnsideAustralians have been misled for 15 years into thinking asylum seekers who arrive by boat are ‘illegal’. They aren’t. We have been misled into thinking we need to be protected from them. We don’t. We have been persuaded to tolerate treating them cruelly. We shouldn’t. Only the Greens have the vision and the honesty to say there’s a better way to treat people who are just looking for a safe place to live.

Julian Burnside AO QC

Lawyer, Author, Human Rights and Refugee Advocate

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I'm Alex Bhathal

I’m a social worker and live in Preston with my partner, a local GP, and our two boys.

I’ve lived and worked in this electorate for 30 years & wouldn’t live anywhere else. I love our multiculturalism, diversity, entrepreneurship and the way we put people first.

As your MP, I will stand up for what matters to you.

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What the people of Batman are saying…

I’m voting 1 for Alex Bhathal because…

I want strong action for a safe climate, human rights for asylum seekers and investment in building a clean economy, which our business is part of.

Briony & Myki (with Anais and Dylan)

Editors at Large, Vice Australia

This election I’m voting 1 for Alex Bhathal to…

Add to Adam Bandt’s success in Melbourne. Labor and Liberal are silent on human rights for asylum seekers and the horrors of Manus Island and Nauru detention.

Dennis Altman, Clifton Hill

Academic and author

This election I’m volunteering for Alex Bhathal because…

Last year I worked in a youth centre in Arnhem Land. It was then that I realised that only the Greens have a plan to tackle Indigenous disadvantage. That’s why since relocating to Preston I’m helping elect Alex Bhathal in Batman.

Rob Hume, Preston

Maths teacher

My family are voting 1 for Alex Bhathal because…

I’m an engineer working in wind power. The Greens are the best party on renewable energy because they are the only ones who have the courage to put a price on carbon emissions.

David Hodson

Electrical Engineer

I’m voting 1 for Alex Bhathal because…

I have run a kinder in Reservoir for 10 years, and for 5 years I have visited detention centres and advocated for human rights for asylum seekers. Alex Bhathal will take action on education, health and asylum seekers.

Caterina Mezzatesta

Kindergarten teacher/manager

I’m voting for Alex on July 2nd because…

I want genuine, intelligent representation from someone who lives here in our suburbs and will stand up for what I care about, like better treatment for people seeking asylum and the protection of our precious natural environment.

Libby Neesham


With your help we can make history.

When Adam Bandt was elected to parliament we got free dental visits for kids and $13 billion to help turn Australia into a clean energy superpower.  Imagine what we could achieve with more Greens MPs! Stand up for jobs in clean energy, protection of our natural environment, investment in public transport, marriage equality and safer pathways to protect people seeking asylum.

With just weeks until election day, we need all hands on deck, and there are lots of ways you can help. Sign up here to join the campaign.

Alex Bhathal with campaign volunteers

You can also show everyone you’re standing up for what matters with an Alex Bhathal for Batman t-shirt or get a sign for your home or workplace.

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Let’s continue creating momentum for the campaign.


For all media enquiries please contact Gavan McFadzean on 0414 754 023 or for campaign enquiries email Alex Bhathal.