VAHPA Close the Camps t-shirt campaign

I’m pretty happy that my union, the Victorian Allied Health Professionals Association, is organising its own t-shirt campaign in support of the asylum seekers held in indefinite detention by the Australian government.  Buy yours here – wear it to work and everywhere else from 1st – 5th May and make sure you join everyone at the May 2nd rally/vigil at the State Library, 5:30pm.  See you there! (I’ll be wearing my t-shirt).


“Last year hundreds of teachers wore their #CloseTheCamps #BringThemHere t-shirts to work. This provoked outrage on the part of the humiliated federal government. This year Allied Health Professionals are joining the campaign.

We are not alone, nurses, librarians, academics and others have also made the decision to stand up for what is right. “

Published by

Alex Bhathal

Social worker; refugee advocate; environmental activist; mum of two; six time Greens candidate for federal seat of Batman

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