Climate Change

I first became aware of climate change when I heard David Suzuki explaining how human activities, including burning fossil fuels and deforestation, act to intensify the greenhouse effect.

Over the decades since then, I’ve become increasingly concerned about climate change.  I’ve become active in the global social movement which is calling for a proactive response, to rapidly reduce carbon emissions and eventually move to a zero net carbon global economy as well as for equity and care in responding to climate change impacts.

As a social worker, I know that climate change is already affecting vulnerable Australians and I believe that governments must act on the principle of precaution.

Four years ago, I was awarded an Australian Post-graduate Award to conduct PhD research and chose to investigate the social dimensions of climate change.

I’ve recently written about some of the findings of my research study on how people are perceiving and experiencing the impacts of climate change.

And prior to that, I spent a year documenting the nature of climate displacement in the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2008, I attended the UN special Conference on the Environment, Forced Migration and Social Vulnerability in Bonn, Germany, and presented this paper on the campaign to protect the rights of people displaced by climate change in the Asia-Pacific.


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