Why I’m running

A decade and a half after Bob’s first election to the senate, our Greens values are upheld in federal parliament by ten committed and courageous politicians.  And with the Clean Energy Futures Act, we’ve proven our capacity to forge positive legislative outcomes, which is what brought us to the Greens in the first place.

The next federal election holds huge opportunities for Australia, and for us, as Greens.

We can consolidate our place as a constructive, visionary force in Australian politics, build on the carbon price and continue our work to ensure Australia’s future as a country where all may prosper.

Yes, there are challenges.  We still face the urgency of climate change and of protecting our waterways, forests and agricultural land from misuse and resource demand.

We stand for human rights while Labor and Liberal waste billions persecuting those who seek asylum under Australia’s international obligations and pursuing punitive measures against our country’s poorest, most marginalised communities.

We alone amongst the parliamentary parties are committed to the necessary structural changes to restore Australia’s income support, industrial relations, education and health systems and to develop a fairer, more sustainable economy.

To build on our current successes, we need to communicate our ideas and policies broadly and clearly, and speak to the whole community.

I believe what sets me apart in this preselection is my particular ability to reach out to people who should be core Greens voters, but aren’t yet.

“Alex has the respect and trust of many people from diverse communities.  She’s respected because of her passionate advocacy work on behalf of so many individuals and groups”. 

Pamela Curr, Moreland Greens, Refugee Campaigner

I’ve fronted numerous campaigns and have dealt with the media on issues ranging from climate change to refugee and migrant rights, multiculturalism and community safety.

I can pitch Greens policies in the toughest circumstances and I can talk to anyone, about any policy.

But more importantly for the challenges we face at the next election, I can connect with people who haven’t identified their interests or ideas with the Greens – yet.

As a Greens campaigner and candidate, I’ve concentrated on reaching out beyond our usual voter base and have sought out those with different opinions.

And I’ve had many years of successfully reaching out to people from non-Greens backgrounds.

I’ve been honoured to run as a Greens candidate eight times, in some high-profile campaigns and I’ve been an integral part of the team which in 10 years transformed Batman from Australia’s safest seat into our third federal Greens–Labor electorate, after Melbourne and Grayndler.

I’m a social worker from a migrant background, and within my own ethnic community, Australia’s rapidly growing Indian population, I’m an active and well-known advocate.

Every day, through my work and in my local community, I speak with people from Australia’s newly arrived and established migrant communities, with Indigenous Australians, with welfare recipients, with factory workers, tradies and small business owners, all of whom stand to directly benefit from Greens policies in areas ranging from our focus on preventative health, to more equitable education funding, to progressive tax reform.

And over the past few years, whilst travelling around country Victoria interviewing farmers about climate change, I’ve realised that we share much common ground.  They might express their concern about dried up watercourses and air pollution rather than about climate change, but more often than not, they are open to Greens’ policy commitments and they are concerned about creating a sustainable future for Australia.

My commitment as the lead Senate candidate will be to get out and speak to voters directly, face-to-face, joining our 37 lower house candidates around the state, in door-knocking, stalls and policy launches, and pitching our ideas and policies in a way that will resonate with the whole community.


“… Alex’s sophisticated understanding of policy across all areas is unsurpassed.” 

Miriam Solomon, Founder, AGV Global Issues and Party Process Groups

Although I’m a Welfare policy specialist, I have wide-ranging knowledge of Greens policies in all areas.

I’ve been directly involved in writing/developing many Greens policies, from Environment-Population to Disability, and coordinated our national Social Citizenship and Welfare policy review.

As the Victorian Greens Welfare Spokesperson from 2003-6, I consulted with peak bodies and assisted Senator Kerry Nettle on child and family issues.  I’ve campaigned alongside Senator Scott Ludlam on uranium and telecommunications.

As National Climate Campaigner, I worked with our national campaign team and the Party Room to develop materials and promote the crucial work of local Councillors and branches across Australia.

As Senator for Victoria, I’d prioritise the Greens’ commitment to solving resource and funding shortfalls in our education, health and welfare systems, and will continue to work towards economic and industrial reforms that build on the carbon price, prepare Australia for peak oil and plan for our capacity to cope with a steady state economy.

I’ll work effectively in parliament

As National Climate Campaigner, a multi-term National Councillor and Conference delegate, and as the current International Co-Secretary for the AG, I already work with our federal Party Room, consulting with Senators and their staff on a range of policy, campaign and political issues.

My skills and professional background as a Social Worker would complement those of our other parliamentarians.

As a team person, I’m at my best working closely with others and it is one of the reasons I love being involved in electoral politics.

I have the energy, stamina and negotiation skills to work effectively in politics.

I have extensive inter-party friendships and connections, developed over my decades of political involvement, networks which will prove invaluable in parliament.

I have the ability and skills to be an effective representative for all Victorians

As a peak body representative on numerous government committees and inquiries and as a professionally trained advocate, I have spent decades representing the needs and interests of different communities and negotiating outcomes with government.

I’m known across Victorian communities for my work on different campaigns, on concerns ranging from air pollution to community safety, renewable energy to refugee rights.

But what I’d like to think would make me most valuable as a Greens Senator is my commitment to our Greens principles of participatory democracy and grassroots political involvement.

Throughout my work in local government, the community sector and in the Greens, I’ve emphasised equity and the need to hold power at the lowest and broadest level.

As a Senator, I’d remain engaged with and accessible to Victoria’s most vulnerable communities – to our children in Out of Home Care and their families; Indigenous Victorians; newly arrived migrants and asylum seekers and regional Victorians and workers in the timber and mining industries, who face such great upcoming changes.

As a Senator, I’ll remain an activist and I’ll continue to prioritise my role in ensuring that those without current recourse to justice have an advocate in me as a Greens politician.

And I hope my legacy is one of reaching out to Victorians of all political persuasions; representing them effectively and winning them over to our Greens perspectives as we achieve outcomes for social justice, for better services, for a more sustainable economy and for the environment.





One thought on “Why I’m running

  1. alex,

    I did read your “Why I am running.” I liked your open style and enjoyed your conclusion. I want you to do a ‘search’ for “Port Phillip Bay Bridge”;

    also known as Melbourne Bay Bridge and advise me about your opinion/the feasibility of this ‘bigger than The Snowy’; hydro-tide-power bridge.


    [email protected]

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