My supporters

Please read on for what my supporters have to say about me.  These people are from both within the Greens and outside, but all of them have worked with me over a number of years.

To read the full statements, please click anywhere on the relevant supporter’s name or statement.

Jim Reiher    Lead Candidate for South Eastern Metropolitan Region 2006; Federal Candidate for La Trobe 2010

As I look over the list of candidates for lead position on the Senate ticket, I am proud to be associated with the Greens. What a remarkable field of competent and gifted people. Any of them will serve the party well: I will not be disappointed whatever the outcome. But I am writing this endorsement for Alex, because she is, in my mind, outstanding. She would be a tremendous Senator for the Victorian Greens.

Miriam Solomon      Founder, Victorian Greens Global Issues and Party Process Working Groups; Australian Greens International Secretary 2004-9; Convenor, Australian Greens international delegations to Sao Paulo, Taipei and Tokyo; Delegate/Secretary, Asia-Pacific Greens Network 2005-11; State Councillor (2002-10); State Executive 2007; Inner Melbourne Regional Council 2004-5; North Eastern Suburbs Regional Council 2006-7

Alex has deep appreciation of the politics involved in any situation: the perspectives and needs of all involved.  With enviable negotiation and mediation skills, I’ve seen Alex demonstrate time and again her incredible skills – accommodating other people’s concerns without betraying Greens principles.

Pat Healy     Castlemaine Greens; Convenor, Central West Regional Council; Convenor, Policy Coordination Committee; State Councillor and State Executive; Northern Victoria Regional Campaign Consultant 2010; Convenor, Castlemaine Branch 2008-9

Alex Bhathal is an outstanding campaigner for The Greens.  She has already shown that she can be a credible public face for the Greens and present our policies clearly, persuasively and with style, gravitas and passion. She is a team worker, who supports other candidates, a good listener and a facilitator. And she is a formidable and tireless advocate for Greens principles and policies.

Stephen Mayne   Founder, 

I have been impressed with Alex’s intelligence, integrity and warm-heartedness.  She has also displayed skills as an effective political operator and tough negotiator. Alex would be a loyal, dedicated and impressive Senator, who both the media and the voting public would warm to as a Senator.  I believe a Victorian Senate team of Richard Dinatale and Alex Bhathal would ensure a long term future for the Greens as serious alternative force in Victorian Senate elections.

Cam Walker       Friends of the Earth

I have worked for many years with Alex Bhathal and have always admired her dedication, her commitment to grassroots organising and community empowerment, and her very strategic approach to campaigning. Alex is incredibly hard working and would be an active and effective representative for the Greens in the Senate.

(This is a personal endorsement – Friends of the Earth does not endorse ‘People, Parties or products’)

Dr Berhan Ahmed       Victorian Australian of the Year 2009; Chairperson, African Think Tank

When I joined the Greens in 2002, Alex was the driving force for my membership recruitment. I saw the Greens as having a vision stretching across all aspects of our social and environmental challenges, thanks to Alex. Alex exemplifies that breadth of commitment and has shown herself as a strong and articulate advocate on issues ranging from social justice to environmental imperatives.

Frank Ryan        Founding member, Batman/Darebin Greens, mid 1990s; President, Sustainability Streets Institute; Founder and Principal, Vox Bandicoot Environmental Education

Alex’s tireless contribution to party building at the local level has been a reason many from the awakening mainstream have faith in the Greens.  Alex inspires through her sheer goodwill and charisma. Where representing the Greens really counts, ie, relating to ‘the folks’, she is exceptional.  I have witnessed Alex’s capacity to warmly and respectfully turn an older neighbour’s 3 AW-fuelled opinion about the Greens and free drugs, into the truth.

Chris Clarke       Darebin Greens, Independent Education Union Organiser; past Victorian Regional Secretary CPSU (Federal) and Victorian Trades Hall Council Executive member

With twenty five years experience as a union official with the Community and Public Sector Union and the Independent Education Union I have worked with many politicians, including many senior figures in the current federal government. None have impressed me more than Alex Bhathal.

Chris Harris    Australian Greens National Campaign Coordinator

I strongly support Alex as the lead candidate for the next Federal election.  I have worked extensively with Alex over the last year and believe that she would make a fantastic lead candidate and future Senator. There are few people I have worked with who have demonstrated the level of commitment, work ethic, campaign knowledge and strategic sense that Alex brought to the projects on which we were working.

Andrew Calleja     Convenor, Thomastown-Whittlesea Greens; State candidate for Thomastown 2010

Alex’s support has been invaluable to our fledging Thomastown-Whittlesea branch. She has been a tireless campaigner on issues that resonate in our outer northern suburbs. Alex will give the party every chance of gaining a Senate seat in Victoria at the next Federal Election.

Gautam Gupta      Founder/Spokesperson, Federation of Indian Students of Australia; Social Commentator and Cultural Strategist

Alex has been a courageous and active representative and leader of Australia’s Indian community.  If the Greens see fit to return Alex in this position, which I hope they do, I and I predict multitudes of others from throughout Australia’s Indian community will turn out to help with her campaign. 

Jeremy Graham          Co-Convenor Darebin Greens 2010-present; Convenor, Energy Working Group, 2011-present; General representative State Council 2011-present; Secretary Melbourne branch 2008

Alex is the best candidate to lead our senate ticket at the next federal election.  She has the best natural political instincts of any of the many candidates I have met.  Her qualities and vast experience of politics make her the best of a very talented field, and I believe a potential future leader of the Australian Greens.

Denise Cauchi             Director, Humanitarian Crisis Hub

Alex Bhatal is a tireless advocate for the environment and for the rights of refugees, asylum seekers and other marginalised groups in Australia. Alex would bring integrity and a lifetime of commitment to social justice to the Senate.                                                                 This is a personal endorsement. The Humanitarian Crisis Hub does not endorse individuals or political parties.

Professor Linda Briskman    Centre for Human Rights Education, Curtin University; Convenor, People’s Inquiry into Detention

Alex Bhathal is a passionate human rights advocate who is well-known for her work in the areas of environmental rights and asylum seeker rights.  Alex has consistently proven her special ability to work with people from all walks of life in striving for social change. Her presence in parliament would be a major asset to organisations and individuals who want to see a fairer Australia.

Cr Simon Northeast     Greens Councillor, Surfcoast Shire

It’s been twenty years since I first worked with Alex, assisting young clients in inner Melbourne.  Over that time, I’ve been hugely impressed by her commitment to social justice and the environment.  She will bring these commitments to her work in parliament. 

Pat Mackle            Managing Director, Avant Cards Freecard Media; Co-Convenor, Darebin Greens 2005-6, Fundraising Coordinator, Darebin Greens, 2004-5; Member, Port Jackson Greens NSW 2000-4

I have known, admired and respected Alex since 2004.  Together, we were Co-Convenors of the Darebin branch.  Alex has a lovely easy-going nature & is readily approachable, yet she can also be incredibly tenacious & politically savvy.  I strongly believe Alex will be a very valuable asset for us in the Senate.

Alex Schlotzer         AGV Co-Convenor 2006-7, Convenor 2007-8; State Executive; State Councillor; National Councillor; Founding member, Brimbank Greens

Alex is a passionate campaigner and strong advocate often working with people from a very diverse range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Her work in the community indicates her preparedness to maintain her connection with the grassroots. She is a leader in her community and can make a great contribution to the Australian Greens team in Parliament.

Richard Frankland          Singer/songwriter, author, film maker; Field Officer, Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody

One of the many things I admire about Alex is her ability to be intimately aware of many complex issues.  I have had the pleasure of having long discussions with Alex about matters that range from the complex Indigenous Australian Issues, human rights issues to issues of Nuclear waste concerns.  I am pleased to say that in every discussion I have had with her, she not only lent a compassionate ear, but also gave sound advice.

I am not a member of the Greens, but I wholeheartedly endorse and support Alex and her endeavours to become the next Greens Senator for Victoria.

Dr Jim Green   National Nuclear Campaigner, Friends of the Earth, Australia

I have worked periodically with Alex Bhathal since 2006 on issues relating to our federal MP Martin Ferguson, especially nuclear issues. It has been a pleasure working with Alex – she is an energetic, intelligent and effective campaigner and I’m pleased to support her run for the Senate in Victoria.
(This is a personal endorsement – Friends of the Earth does not dis/endorse political parties or candidates.)

Lachlan Slade    State Councillor, Goulburn Valley Region; State Candidate for Shepparton 2010

Alex will represent both the party and Victorians as an approachable and professional politician for constituents from all corners of the state. Her knowledge and expertise in human rights and as a Social Worker would enhance the current parliamentary team and build the public’s perception of the Greens as a multi-policy party.

Merryn Reddenbach  Doctors for the Environment

Alex has impressed me as a dedicated and experienced campaigner who earns the respect of those around her.  Impressing as a warm, highly competent and efficient person with excellent interpersonal skills, Alex would inspire loyalty and confidence as an elected representative.

Matt Ruchel    Executive Director, Victorian National Parks Association

I have known Alex for over 20 years and she has always been an intelligent and passionate advocate for social and environmental causes. Her personal integrity is beyond question and would be a great asset in the Australian parliament.

Ray Radford   Darebin Greens; Darebin City Council Candidate Rucker Ward 2004; Secretary, Friends of Merri Creek

Alex has remained very active at all levels within the branch, particularly playing a major role supporting other candidates in Council election campaigns. Alex is a good public speaker and her natural warmth makes her an excellent communicator.  Add that to her breadth of experience and hard work ethic, and Alex Bhathal is the ideal Greens candidate for the Senate.

Bob Muntz       Moonee Valley Greens; Candidate at federal, state and municipal elections, 2004-08; Joint International Secretary, State Councillor, Member of National Global Issues Group, and Convenor, Moonee Valley Branch at various times, 2004-12

I have long admired Alex’s commitment, hard work and reliability.  Alex has a proven, and well deserved, track record of attracting voter support in federal elections, and thoroughly deserves your consideration for the vital position of lead senate candidate for Victoria.

Michele Fountain             AGV Treasurer 2008-9; Australian Delegate to Global Greens Congress Sao Paulo 2008; Australian Young Greens Representative to Global Young Greens Congress Nairobi 2007; Victorian Federal Election Campaign Committee 2007; National Councillor 2007-9, National Conference delegate 2008 & 2009; Young Greens Convenor 2007-8; State Councillor 2007-9

I met Alex early in my Greens involvement, and I have always been impressed by her personal integrity and her passionate activism. Alex is exactly the kind of Senator the Greens need: unafraid to speak up at any time, and always ready with a well reasoned, well spoken argument. Alex really is someone who ‘walks the talk’ and I would be proud to support her Senate campaign.

Jeremy Hutton    AGV Campaign Manager, 2004 Federal Election, Campaign Director, Federal Seat of Murray 2004; ALP Marginal Seats Campaigner 2001-2; ALP (Vic) Media and Communications Advisor 2002-4

The Victorian Greens Party membership has the responsibility to select a Senate Candidate with not only the intellectual capacity to honour such a role, but a candidate who represents the great diversity and cultural difference within the Victorian community.  As a highly intelligent woman, mother, and Australian of Indian heritage, Alex meets these criteria with distinction.

Arwinder Pal Singh Randhawa      Secretary, Sikh Community of Western Victoria

Alex Kaur is an upcoming leader amongst Victoria’s Indians and Sikhs.  She is recognised by our community for her hard work on behalf on many individuals and groups and for her talent as a public figure.  We are excited by the prospect of having a person of Indian origin as Senator for Victoria, especially someone of Alex’s calibre, and Alex could be assured of the community’s support in her bid to become a Greens Senator for Victoria.

Jaime De Loma-Osorio Ricon   Hume Greens Co-Convenor; State candidate for Broadmeadows 2010

I believe that as a Senator joining Richard Di Natale, Alex Bhathal would be an absolutely critical asset to the party’s success in effecting political change while maintaining its integrity.  In order to continue to grow, I believe the Greens need to work particularly hard to engage multicultural communities. Alex has extensive experience working with people from a broad range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, but also a deep understanding of cultural differences and how to overcome them.

Andrew Olexander    Melbourne Greens member; Former Victorian MLC; Former Shadow Minister for the Arts, Youth and Consumer Affairs

Alex is a person of great compassion, energy and principle – and importantly, an amazingly effective communicator with people of all backgrounds and shades of opinion.

I believe that she will make a fine contribution to Victoria and Australia, here and in Canberra. Her energy and hard work are legendary amongst those who know her – and her commitment to progressive reforms for this country undiminished. I support her Senate bid primarily because I believe she has the ability to reach out, and communicate with voters of all shades of opinion – and have no doubt that she will attract support – as she always has done, from “across the political aisle” to the benefit of the Greens.

David Spratt            Climate Action Centre; co-author, Climate Code Red

My work with Alex on climate issues has taught me that she has the skills and the positive attitude to make the most of a senate position in building the Greens in Victoria: energy and enthusiasm, great presentation and communications skills, and sound strategic and political judgement. As an activist, Alex has built networks across very diverse communities, and would be a clear and effective voice on the issues that really matter.

Bob McDonald   Naturalist, Yanakie, Victoria 

Alex has that rare combination, emotional and intellectual intelligence – an ability to listen and reflect back to people in a way they can understand – she really communicates.

I highly recommend her for the Senate where she will be of immeasurable benefit to the Australian Greens, the Parliament, the Australian natural environment and all its peoples, wherever they are from.

Guy Rundle   political commentator

Having known Alex Bhathal for more than twenty-five years, I can say that she is a tenacious and inexhaustible fighter for a better community and a better world.

Devoted to making the Greens a party that works at every level of politics, from the street to the Hill, committed to peaceful but forthright protest, activism and better policies for a changing Australia, I think she’d make a great Senator, for the Greens and for Australia.

Mark Riboldi     NSW Greens

Alex is a skilled and passionate orator and negotiator. She has a strong sense of justice and the courage to stand up for what she believes in.


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  1. Heard you speak at the meet the candidates last night Alex. thanks for the very specific agenda of issues and your response to them should you win pre selection. Good luck

    • paula – Vanessa, you did an amazing job cautnripg Alex and Tarica’s beautiful day:) The mood and emotion of an unforgettable experience come through the photos so clearly! Well done!October 13, 2010 7:26 pm

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