Andrew Olexander

Andrew Olexander   Former Victorian MLC; Former Shadow Minister for the Arts, Youth and Consumer Affairs


It was back in the mid 1980s when I first had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Alex Bhathal. We were both student politicians at the University of Melbourne.

In those days, we sat and worked on “opposite sides of the aisle” in a formal political sense – even though we agreed strongly on many environmental, human rights, social policy and economic fundamentals.

Back then, as now, Alex commanded the respect and support of her colleagues and even many of her political opponents. She was and is a person of great compassion, energy and principle – and importantly, an amazingly effective communicator with people of all backgrounds and shades of opinion.

Today, Alex and I have found our political home in the Australian Greens – and are working together for the progressive Australia in which we both believe. I have no hesitation in supporting her Senate pre-selection bid – and believe strongly that she will make a fine contribution to Victoria and Australia, here and in Canberra. Her energy and hard work are legendary amongst those who know her – and her commitment to progressive reforms for this country undiminished.

Importantly, I support her Senate bid primarily because I believe she has the ability to reach out, and communicate with voters of all shades of opinion – and have no doubt that she will attract support – as she always has done, from “across the political aisle” to the benefit of the Greens.


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