Chris Clarke

Chris Clarke  Darebin Greens, Independent Education Union Organiser; past Victorian Regional Secretary CPSU (Federal) and Victorian Trades Hall Council Executive member

As a member of Darebin Greens I’ve worked with Alex on several state and federal election campaigns and her energy and hard work have been just as evident working for other candidates as on her own impressive campaigns.

Alex radiates enthusiasm and explains complex policy to voters clearly and succinctly – demonstrating her passion and a deep understanding of social justice, economic and environmental issues.

At markets, on stalls, at polling booths and in more formal events voters warm to Alex and embrace her ideas, her intellect and quite often her as well!

Alex listens genuinely and responds from a commitment to equality and social change. With twenty five years experience as a union official with the Community and Public Sector Union and the Independent Education Union I have worked with many politicians, including many senior figures in the current federal government. None have impressed me more than Alex Bhathal.


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