Frank Ryan

Frank Ryan    Founding member, Batman/Darebin Greens, mid 1990s; Candidate, Seat of Northcote 1994 (Green independent, prior to the incorporation of the Australian Greens Victoria); Greens candidate Federal seat of Batman 1996, Rucker Ward, City of Darebin 1997

Alex’s tireless contribution to party building at the local level has been a reason many from the awakening mainstream have faith in the Greens.  Alex inspires through her sheer goodwill and charisma.  Where representing the Greens really counts, ie, relating to ‘the folks’, she is exceptional.  I have witnessed Alex’s capacity to warmly and respectfully turn an older neighbour’s 3 AW-fuelled opinion about the Greens and free drugs, into the truth.

I and the large community of Greens supporters and party members that I know passionately endorse Alex’s candidacy for pre-selection.




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