Gautam Gupta

Gautam Gupta      Founder/Spokesperson, Federation of Indian Students of Australia; Social Commentator and Cultural Strategist 

Alex has been a courageous and active representative and leader of Australia’s Indian community.  During the attacks on Indian students in the 2009 and earlier, Alex worked with me and with many others in our community to assist innumerable students and families.  When international students found themselves wrongly incarcerated in immigration detention, Alex was the one to visit them, raise awareness of their plight and assist them in their cases.  When people were assaulted, she arranged lawyers and ensured police assistance. As well as this direct assistance, Alex has conducted research, lobbied and sought funding for Indian community and international student welfare.

Alex is a respected representative of the Greens within the Indian community and if the Greens see fit to return Alex in this winnable Senate position, which I hope they do, I and I predict multitudes of others from throughout Australia’s Indian community will turn out to help with her campaign.


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