Guy Rundle

Guy Rundle, political commentator

Having known Alex Bhathal for more than twenty-five years, I can say that she is a tenacious and inexhaustible fighter for a better community and a better world.

Whether the issue is local childcare or killings halfway across the world, Alex brings the same dedication and focus to the slow and often frustrating work of change for the better.

Devoted to making the Greens a party that works at every level of politics, from the street to the Hill, committed to peaceful but forthright protest, activism and better policies for a changing Australia, I think she’d make a great Senator, for the Greens and for Australia.


One thought on “Guy Rundle

  1. Good on you, Guy. I’m active in the Greens myself at the moment: in the Qld State election – for Noosa. A last hurrah, unless I get in. A slight possibility up here. The pundits – a bit lazy with their analysis base their observations on last margins when population churn up here is around 30% between elections. Still think about that masterclass up here in ’09!



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