Jaime De Loma-Osorio Ricon

Jaime De Loma-Osorio Ricon   Hume Greens Co-Convenor; State candidate for Broadmeadows 2010  

Over the last few years the Australian Greens have consistently increased its support base, thanks to the impressive work of people like the twelve outstanding candidates who are standing for Senate pre-selection. In the next few years, the Greens are likely to fully complete their transition from a party largely perceived as ‘single-issue’ to a mainstream political party.

I believe that as a Senator joining Richard Di Natale, Alex Bhathal would be an absolutely critical asset to the party’s success in effecting political change while maintaining its integrity.

When I first met Alex in 2010, I was instantly impressed with her capacity and commitment during her campaigns as federal candidate for Batman and state candidate for Northern Metropolitan region.

Since then, I have continued to admire her communication skills, her passionate defence of vulnerable groups and her tireless work with grassroots organisations.

In order to continue to grow, I believe the Greens need to work particularly hard to engage multicultural communities.

Alex has extensive experience working with people from a broad range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, but also a deep understanding of cultural differences and how to overcome them, partly built on her personal experience growing up in a mixed-race household.

Upon inspection of Alex’ history as an activist and community campaigner, I also find that there are very few people in the party whose work can so clearly exemplify the inextricable connection between social justice and environmental sustainability.


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