Jeremy Graham

Jeremy Graham          Co-Convenor Darebin Greens 2010-present; Convenor, Energy Working Group, 2011-present; General representative State Council 2011-present; Secretary Melbourne branch 2008   

I have known and campaigned with Alex since moving from the Melbourne branch to the Darebin branch. She is the best candidate to lead our senate ticket at the next federal election.

Alex has many amazing qualities, which make her an outstanding candidate.

She is highly principled and always acts on those principles.

She has the best natural political instincts of any of the many candidates I have met. She will consistently outshine our rivals in the daily rough and tumble of Australian politics.

She is an extraordinary campaigner who always tries to do more no matter how little time there is or how late at night it is.

She also has genuine warmth towards others and delights in bringing about the best in people.

These qualities and her vast experience of politics make her the best of a very talented field, and I believe a potential future leader of the Australian Greens.

I commend her candidacy, and strongly recommend you give your first preference to Alex Bhathal.


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