Jeremy Hutton

Jeremy Hutton    AGV Campaign Manager, 2004 Federal Election, Campaign Director, Federal Seat of Murray 2004; ALP Marginal Seats Campaigner 2001-2; ALP (Vic) Media and Communications Advisor 2002-4
Alex has a diverse record of achievement in a very broad range of areas.  In her capacity as a social activist, political campaigner, academic, and mother, Alex has not only performed each role with dilligence, courage and creativity, but earned the profound respect of her friends, family, colleagues and, perhaps most importantly, her community along the way.

Having been fortunate to know Alex within both a professional and personal context for almost ten years, I have come to admire a strong yet extraordinarily compassionate and conscientious woman who possesses true ethics of virtue; honesty, civility, patience, industriousness, thoughtfulness, and self-discipline, to name but a few.

Because of the nature of the Australian Parliament at this time, and relevance of the Australian Greens within it, the Victorian Greens Party membership has the responsibility to select a Senate Candidate with not only the intellectual capacity to honour such a role, but a candidate who represents the great diversity and cultural difference within the Victorian community.  As a highly intelligent woman, mother, and Australian of Indian heritage, Alex meets these criteria with distinction.

It is with great pleasure, therefore, that I commend Alex Bhathal for the position of Lead Senate Candidate at the forthcoming Federal Election.


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