Jim Reiher

Jim Reiher     Lead Candidate for South Eastern Metropolitan Region 2006; Federal Candidate for La Trobe 2010    

I have known Alex Bhathal for most of my time in the Greens Party. I have always been impressed with Alex: she is a remarkable woman. She is a tireless worker for the party and for causes that need to be fought.

Alex is a seasoned campaigner and a competent and powerful speaker. She represents the Greens faithfully and accurately, and she is both compassionate and intelligent. She can hold her own in a debate. She can answer questions off the cuff with insight and accuracy. And she has the kind of personality that attracts everyone she meets. Her compassion, enthusiasm, and care for the marginalised, are traits that stand her head and shoulders above so many others.

As I look over the list of candidates for lead position on the Senate ticket, I am proud to be associated with the Greens. What a remarkable field of competent and gifted people. Any of them will serve the party well: I will not be disappointed whatever the outcome. But I am writing this endorsement for Alex, because she is, in my mind, outstanding. She would be a tremendous Senator for the Victorian Greens.


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