Miriam Solomon

Miriam Solomon      Founder, Victorian Greens Global Issues and Party Process Working Groups; Australian Greens International Secretary 2004-9; Convenor, Australian Greens international delegations to Sao Paulo, Taipei and Tokyo; Delegate/Secretary, Asia-Pacific Greens Network 2005-11; State Councillor (2002-10); State Executive 2007; Inner Melbourne Regional Council 2004-5; North Eastern Suburbs Regional Council 2006-7

Passionate about social justice and the environment, utterly dedicated and engaged at all Party levels, from local to international, Alex has deep understanding of Greens culture and values, and consistently draws on her amazing creative energy to promote Greens politics.

I’ve worked with Alex for 10 years, on a wide range of Greens activities, especially policy development.

I can confidently say that her sophisticated understanding of policy across all areas is unsurpassed, as is her brilliant capacity to wordsmith a consensus.

In Darebin, I’ve watched in awe as she tirelessly campaigns year after year, achieving astonishing results.

Alex has deep appreciation of the politics involved in any situation: the perspectives and needs of all involved.  With enviable negotiation and mediation skills, I’ve seen Alex demonstrate time and again her incredible skills – accommodating other people’s concerns without the betraying Greens principles.

Alex is a gorgeous example of multiculturalism’s benefits: an exemplary Australian solidly embedded in Australian culture, yet aware of the contributions and potential that only lived experience of being part of Australia’s wonderful ethnic matrix can bring.

I wholeheartedly support Alex’s candidature and have no doubt that as our Senator, she’d bring great credit to the Greens and achieve extraordinary outcomes.


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