Pat Healy

Pat Healy     Castlemaine Greens; Convenor, Central West Regional Council; Convenor, Policy Coordination Committee; State Councillor and State Executive; Northern Victoria Regional Campaign Consultant 2010; Convenor, Castlemaine Branch 2008-9       

Alex Bhathal is an outstanding campaigner for The Greens.

She has already shown that she can be a credible public face for the Greens and present our policies clearly, persuasively and with style, gravitas and passion.

Most recently she has campaigned effectively for action on climate change and refugee rights across city, suburban, and country regions.

Alex is committed to The Greens. She has been an active member for 10 years – working hard to build the party at local level and, as a State and National Councillor, to nurture and steer our development into a viable political force at state and federal level.

Alex has demonstrated her political skills, energy, and capacity for hard work in the public glare and behind the scenes.

She is a team worker, who supports other candidates, a good listener and a facilitator.  And she is a formidable and tireless advocate for Greens principles and policies.

Alex would be a very effective Senate candidate – and an excellent Senator.


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