Pat Mackle

Pat Mackle            Managing Director, Avant Cards Freecard Media; Co-Convenor, Darebin Greens 2005-6, Fundraising Coordinator, Darebin Greens, 2004-5; Member, Port Jackson Greens NSW 2000-4   

I have known, admired & respected Alex since 2004. Together we were Co-convenors of the Darebin branch. Alex has always impressed me with the support she gives to others, her wonderful understanding of ‘community’, as well as her undying dedication to the Greens & her years of tireless hard work. Alex is incredibly motivated, determined, persistent & driven by Green principles. Over many years Alex has proven time & time again that she can put her mind to something & achieve success.

Alex has a lovely easy-going nature & is readily approachable, yet she can also be incredibly tenacious & politically savvy. Alex has a wealth of political knowledge & possesses an enormous capacity for hard work, as well as being able to balance both her career & family.

Alex is a skilled & experienced candidate who is a proven, dedicated & committed Green with many years involvement in the political process. I strongly believe Alex is a person who will be a very valuable asset for us in the Senate.


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