Ray Radford

Ray Radford   Darebin Greens; Darebin City Council Candidate Rucker Ward 2004; Secretary, Friends of Merri Creek  

I’ve known Alex Bhathal since I joined the Darebin Greens about ten years ago.  At that time she was the Darebin Branch Convenor and I still recall her warm friendly welcome when I wandered into a post election function without knowing anyone.  Alex was Convenor during a strong growth rate in branch memberships and also ran excellent campaigns in the high profile seats of Batman (federal) and Northcote (state), as well as for Darebin Council.

After stepping down as Convenor, she remained very active at all levels within the branch, particularly playing a major role supporting other candidates in Council election campaigns, but also other tasks, such as coordinating Darebin branch submissions to Council and other levels of government.  Somehow, she managed to do all this seamlessly while being a mother to two boys.

Alex is a good public speaker and her natural warmth makes her an excellent communicator.  Add that to her breadth of experience and her hard work ethic, and Alex Bhathal is the ideal Greens candidate for the senate.


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