Stephen Mayne

Stephen Mayne   Founder,  

I have been impressed with Alex’s intelligence, integrity and warm-heartedness.  She has also displayed skills as an effective political operator and tough negotiator.

As the party with the best record on gender equity in Australia, it is also time for the Greens to preselect a female candidate to head its Victorian ticket.

Like Richard, Alex has been toughened up by previous contests and fought particularly hard to deliver good results in Northcote at the 2006 state election and Batman in the 2010 Federal election.

As a competing independent candidate in the 2010 Victorian election in the upper house region of Northern Metropolitan, I was more than happy to deliver preferences to a candidate like Alex ahead of the two major parties.

Alex would be a loyal, dedicated and impressive Senator, who both the media and the voting public would warm to as a Senator.

I believe a Victorian Senate team of Richard Dinatale and Alex Bhathal would ensure a long term future for the Greens as serious alternative force in Victorian Senate elections.


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