My official nominators

I feel honoured to have the following four people as my official nominators.  I asked these people to nominate me because I’ve worked very closely with each of them on major projects within the Greens and because I have great respect for them.

You can click on the name or quotation from each nominee to go to their full statements.

Louis DelacretazConvenor, Victorian Campaigns Elections and Communications Committee
State Councillor
Co-Convenor, Outer East Regional Council
Lead candidate, Eastern Vic region, 2006 State Election
Mayor/Councillor, Sherbrooke/Yarra Ranges Shire, 1989-2000
Co-founder/Inaugural Convenor, Country Greens Network

Alex is an outstanding choice for lead Senate candidate; she’d make huge contributions as our next Senator for Victoria.  I know that she will work hard to represent us in a way that will make us proud.

Rhiannon Hardingham

Member, Batman Election Campaign Committee, 2010
Campaign Manager, Northcote electorate, 2010 State election
Treasurer, High Street Northcote Traders Association, 2009
President, Victorian Herbalists Association, 2008-10
Greens member since 2008 (Darebin branch)

Alex excels on the campaign trail.  Both casual and authoritative, she achieves great respect and admiration from voters.   I witnessed Alex speaking at many public events, including alongside Senators and party leaders.

With her genuine and passionate nature, she always impresses.

Incredibly hardworking and an effective advocate, Alex remains the go-to person in Darebin for the local community, and ably assists people and groups locally and around the state.

Justin-Paul Sammons

National Councillor  2009-11
National Conference delegate  2008-10
Convenor, Victorian Campaigns Elections and Communications Committee 2008
AGV Co-Secretary  2008-9
State Executive  2007-9
Candidate for Kilsyth  2010 State election
Maroondah-Knox branch, member since 2006

What makes Alex a standout candidate to be our next Senator is her firm commitment to Greens principles of grassroots democracy and consensus decision-making.

Colin Smith

AGV Secretary  c2000-2
Secretary, Southern Metro Region Election Campaign Committee 2006; 2009-present
Secretary/Co-Secretary, Port Phillip Greens  c2004-present
Secretary, Eastern Suburbs Region c1997-2000
Coordinator, candidate response surveys in elections since 2001

Alex has the necessary courage, charisma, gravitas, intelligence, toughness, initiative and experience to win, and to achieve great things as a member of our Senate team.

It is high time the Greens put up a candidate for a major winnable contest who has a strong Middle-Eastern / Asian background.

Alex is an excellent choice – still strongly connected to her ethnic community but also completely at home with the broader Australian culture and political environment – thus ideally placed to build bridges.


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