Colin Smith

  • AGV Secretary,   c2000-2002
  • Secretary, Southern Metropolitan Region Election Campaign Committee, 2006; 2009-present
  • Secretary/Co-Secretary, Port Phillip Greens, c2004-present
  • Secretary, Eastern Suburbs Region, c1997-2000
  • AG Honorary Archivist, 1998-present
  • Candidate, Federal Division of Bruce, 1998
  • Candidate, Albert Park Ward, 2002
  • Candidate, State Electorate of Mulgrave, 2002
  • Coordinator, candidate response surveys for multiple elections from 2001
  • Member since about 1994.

I am honoured to support the nomination of Alex Bhathal, whose work and influence within the Greens has impressed me greatly over the years.

As I see it:

–       Alex has the necessary courage, charisma, gravitas, intelligence, toughness, initiative and experience to win, and to achieve great things as a member of our Senate team

–       It is high time the Greens put up a candidate for a major winnable contest who has a strong Middle-Eastern / Asian background

–       Alex is an excellent choice – still strongly connected to her ethnic community but also completely at home with the broader Australian culture and political environment – thus ideally placed to build bridges

–       She has well-developed connections established through many years of working for social justice, human rights and the environment

–       She is well-versed in Greens policies and processes – having served the party in a broad range of capacities and eight times as a candidate

–       She has particular expertise in important areas – especially climate change politics; refugee and social policy; and international issues


–       Other things being equal – we should seize every opportunity to endorse capable women for public office.


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