Rhiannon Hardingham

  • Member, Batman Election Campaign Committee, 2010
  • Campaign Manager, Northcote electorate, 2010 State election
  • Treasurer, High Street Northcote Traders Association, 2009
  • President, Victorian Herbalists Association, 2008-10
  • Greens member since 2008 (Darebin branch)

I met Alex Bhathal during 2009 and had the pleasure of campaigning with her throughout 2010.  I was hugely impressed by her commitment, enthusiasm, energy and ability as a candidate.  I believe her tireless efforts were significantly responsible for the great result in Batman and was amazed that two months later, she was successfully managing the Preston campaign.

Great fun to work with, Alex went out of her way to help other candidates and mentor younger branch members.

Alex excels on the campaign trail.  Both casual and authoritative, she achieves great respect and admiration from voters.  I witnessed Alex speaking at many public events, including alongside Senators and party leaders.  With her genuine and passionate nature, she always impresses.

It would be difficult to find an individual more committed to Australian Greens’ philosophies.  Alex’s breadth of campaign, professional and life experience qualifies her to speak on practically every issue.

Incredibly hardworking and an effective advocate, Alex remains the go-to person in Darebin for the local community, and ably assists people and groups locally and around the state.

For all these reasons, I believe that Alex Bhathal is the best person to represent the Greens as our next Senator for Victoria.


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