My priorities

We alone amongst the parliamentary parties are committed to the necessary structural changes to restore Australia’s income support, industrial relations, education and health systems and to develop a fairer, more sustainable economy.

Every day, Greens parliamentarians work for gains in these areas, whether it’s Richard Di Natale proposing $1 betting limits on pokies machines or Adam Bandt advocating for fair and sensible banking reforms in the House of Reps.

And these are the issues I’ll be talking about with Victorians in 2013.

I see health and education as foundational areas in public policy; if they’re not right, lots of other things start going wrong.

Every day, I speak with people from Australia’s newly arrived and established migrant communities, with Indigenous Australians, with welfare recipients, with factory workers, tradies and small business owners about the issues that concern them.  All of them stand to directly benefit from Greens policies in areas ranging from our focus on preventative health, to more equitable education funding, to progressive tax reform.


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