Alex Bhathal is a committed and passionate human rights campaigner, dedicating her efforts to advocacy for asylum seekers, fighting offshore detention, campaigning for the rights of LGBTI Australians, and advocating for Australia’s Indigenous and First Nations people. Alex cites the Tampa crisis as the reason she decided to join the Greens, and the reason she decided to run for the Federal seat of Batman (now known as Cooper, in part due to Alex’s consistent campaigning for a name change to honour an Indigenous Australian).

“For a nation which is a signatory to the vast majority of UN human rights conventions and which played such an important part in the foundation of the United Nations, Australia seems to be losing its way on these basic commitments expected of a democratic nation.”


As well as advocating professionally, in the media, and in the public eye for the rights of refugees, Alex is a regular figure at the podium on grassroots protests; you can view transcripts of two her speeches made at immigration detention protests.